Hello, all
I just purchased a Washburn wd760sw from zz sounds (GAS attack) for a very good price.
This is my first Washburn but I thought I'd take a flyer because of the guitars specs (all solid woods, cedar top ovangal back and sides. I got it today and first impression is that this is a vefry good sounding guitar.
It is louder than my two pride and joys, Taylor DN3 and Alvarez md60. I'm not saying I'd trade either of those for this one, but I'm glad I got it.
I know it is an import, but it seems a fairly quality build. It was well set up out of the box.
Has anyone had any experience with these?
It was tagged that it shipped with D'Addario strings. I wish they would have stated which kind and what string width/tension. I am assuming they are lights, but the guitar booms like they have mediums on it.
I had a similar experience. I ordered the WD750SW and also have a Taylor DN3 (which I love), but the Washburn has totally blown me away! It's not as tight as the Taylor, but the quality and sound are truly amazing for this price point. I am looking at also buying the WD760SW as you have, but can't find one locally, and was concerned about the cedar top compared to my spruce top. Do you like the sound the guitar makes?
American Musical supply and zz sounds are both selling the 760sw for 369.99( much less than what I paid).
This being a gloss top cedar (unlike the Alvarez md60 and the old Seagull s6, which are more of a natural satin and a much softer top) I'm not sure the cedar sound comes through as much. I had a Planet waves o port lying around that I installed and found that this balanced the sound a good bit, reducing the high end that I thought was a bit bright for my personal preference. I also put medium gauge phosper bronze strings on it. this is a good guitar for the price point, and is certainly a good looking instrument.
I am still pleased with the purchase, but the DN3 Taylor is the pick of the litter.
Let me know if you decide to jump on one.
I'm also looking at a WD160SW, which is similar to the WD760SW but with mahogany sides/back vs. Ovangkol. Any experience with this one???
zzounds has both wd750sw and the wd760sw at good prices.
sam ash has wd170swce for a little over $ 400.00

I bought the wd750sw and it sounds really good. I have had guilds, alvarez yairi's, and takamines all great guitars but the Washburns at their pricepoint are a good deal and can hold their own against some of the others.