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I think it sucks that there arent that many policical bands out there. Alright there message can sometimes be contrived and interpreted by their young audience in the wrong way, but it gets a lot of people into political and social issues.

Which bands are political?

Obviously starter...RATM
New Politics.

Great band.
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System Of A Down
Lamb Of God
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Misery Index
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Serj Tankian's solo stuff

Good one.

Enter Shikari (dnt flam me guis)
Pink Floyd can be pretty political.

Also, the Rolling Stones were very anti-establishment.
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Politics are ghey.

what that guy said. better than dragons i guess...
System of a Down or just Serj.
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(mostly metal warning) all shall perish, authority zero, blinded by faith, carcass (kinda), fear factory, five finger death punch (although their lyrics are AWEFUL), gojira, hazen street, heaven shall burn, into eternity, lamb of god, meshuggah, mushroomhead, pitch black forecast, sage francis, sepultura, soulfly, the suicide machines, unearth...

... also, pretty much everything that falls under punk rock....
Crass, Discharge, Rudimentary Peni, Civil Disobedience, A Global Threat, The Unseen, DOA. Early Chumbawamba.

Listen to Crass.

A bunch of other punk bands (if not all) are political, on the more melodic side there's Good Riddance, (later) NOFX, Star Fucking Hipsters.

Listen to Crass.

And early Chumbawamba. They're still political but their earlier stuff is better.
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The new Architects album has gone all AMIGAWD POLITICS YO
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all the bad ones
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A Brain Malfunction

We'll Never Admit As Defeat
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Excellent choice. I'd throw Carnivore and Fearless Iranians From Hell in there, too.

I'm typically not a fan of overtly political bands. Subtlety goes a long way. Legion of Doom and Graveland are good examples of that.

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Anit-Flag? You mean Black Flag, right? ...yeah, you do. Good.
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Bob Dylan
Bright Eyes (Some of his stuff)
Pink Floyd (Definitely on Animals)
Cog, Dead Letter Circus, Karnivool, A Perfect Circle, Midnight Oil, Bruce Springsteen, Strung Out/Most punk bands; I think most bands have a political song or two, but these ones have lots
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Dead Kennedys
Rise Against
International noise conspiracy
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Anit-Flag? You mean Black Flag, right? ...yeah, you do. Good.

Nah, he definitely meant Anti-Flag.
System Of A Down, Against Me, Flobots, One Day As A Lion, Hed Pe, Rise Against, Otep, Corporate Avenger, Megadeth, Look What I Did, Sepultura, and Napalm Death
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