I'm really interested in RUSH. I have been playing a lot more of the keyboard-era songs. I love playing the parts but need the bass end. We all know Geddy uses a Moog Taurus (or at least DID as far as I know.) I can't afford to lose $1000 from Guitar Center or $500 from eBay. Is there a cheaper type of pedal that accomplishes the same thing for a better price, say $250-300? Post a good link too. Thanks.
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A quick Google revealed the Roland PK5. This seems like quite a complex thing, so I wouldn't be surprised at the cost.
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The Roland PK-5 is the way to go if you can handle the price. I remember the original Moog Taurus pedal bass synthesizer and it was one finicky bastard! Moog released an anniversary version of the original Taurus, but it was a bit pricey and was available only in limited numbers. They have long since been snapped up. The PK-5 has a number of useable effects built in, and when you combine it with a proper synth, the sky is the limit.

Trying to do a bass pedal synth on the cheap is pretty much a non-starter. Any decent synth is going to run you at least US$500.00, and there just isn't much call for the pedals. The Roland has full MIDI capability, so if you get a synth module, you can trigger all of the voices with it. I am almost certain that Geddy Lee uses one since he retired his Taurus pedals over a decade ago. There is a shot in the opening montage of the Rush R30 DVD that shows him playing it.
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