Hey guys, ive been playing a lot of Open G stuff lately, learning most of Alter Bridge's open G stuff. Looking for some other things to learn but music I generally listen to isn't in Open G.

Can you wonderful people suggest me some songs to learn in Open G/G minor tunings?
Nothing too intense, think along this kind of difficulty


Start Me Up - Rolling Stones
Twice As Hard - Black Crowes

I think the Goo Goo Dolls had some stuff in the tuning as well, not too sure which songs though.
Hundreds of old blues songs are in open G. Many played with slide, but many not as well.

Slide master Bob Brozman says open "G" is a "natural tuning that's often figured out by untutored players who just tweak things till "it sounds good".
One I still play from way back is 'First Girl I Loved' by The Incredible String Band. From way back though.