so i have been off and on with my guitar for about 2 years now and i know that if i sat down and practiced just 30 minutes a day i could be potentially shredding like the all my fav. guitarist. but i didnt. and i know why. it got boring hearing myself **** up over and over. it got frustrating to have to learn crappy little christmas songs and lullabies instead of real rock.

on to the point. i messed around enough to get to a point where i am decent. and i want to really sit down and learn. i am stuck at home all day every day and i have 24/7 to commit. i want to sit down and put at least 30 min a day into this. i really feel i have this talent just waiting for me.

so i sit down and youtube some videos and most begin with something like "assuming you already know the minor pentatonic scales..." and i dont. so i go back and search that and then that video says "assuming you already know..." and i dont. and that pretty much repeats for a while and i finally come here.

long story short i want to know where to begin. keep in mind i am limited to just youtube searches for now. and the best thing i can play is "plug in baby" by Muse and i have very little trouble with the song overall.


so, about where should i start and what should i build up on after?

i want to learn everything essential for having a good playing style.

any and all help is appreciated
I'm gonna go with a wild guess that you don't have much basics covered yet, so I'll say go back to the beginning. Learn open chords well, learn to change from this-chord to this-chord and then learn new chords. Barre and other movable ones. It won't take many chords to step into playing real songs instead of Christmas songs or lullabies.

After a while of that add in the major scale (or pentatonic if you'd prefer that) by starting with the movable patterns. At the same time start to learn the notes on the fretboard by heart.

Then you can start creating your own songs. Just put together some chords and other notes and play them.

While practicing all these, you can already learn lots of songs without too much effort. Just learn songs within your reach.
Before anything, GET A METRONOME!!! Very important and helpful. Almost no point in practicing without one.

Next, I'd say learn the notes of the fretboard. If you decide to learn theory - and I strongly recommend that you do - knowing the notes is essential. After that learn a scale. One of the most common things you will see in stuff like thrash or hair metal or classic rock is the minor pentatonic scale and its 5 positions. The positions are very convenient and easy to memorize, but if you want to be a great guitarist, I suggest you forget about the positions and instead learn it as a series of notes and intervals.

Next, I'd learn the open chords. You can find them pretty much anywhere online.

After you know the minor pentatonic and the open chords like the back of your hand, put on a backing track and mess around with it. That will help your playing ability and your creativity greatly.

Learn a few exercises and concentrate on your technique, learn some songs, and all the while work on some theory as well. Learn more scales, learn how to construct chords from scales and make some scales on your own.

There's also a lot of other resources aside from just youtube. If possible, getting a good teacher will be a huge help and perhaps your greatest asset. Look at www.justinguitar.com. Look at the lessons and columns sections here on UG. Read the stickies. Watch some instructional DVDs from the pros (John Petrucci's Rock Discipline, Marty Friedman's Melodic Control, Paul Gilbert's Intense Rock, etc), most of which are available online for free in part or as a whole.
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know that if i sat down and practiced just 30 minutes a day i could be potentially shredding like the all my fav. guitarist. but i didnt. and i know why. it got boring hearing myself **** up over and over.

There's your problem. Guitar isn't lock picking. You don't try it over and over hoping to just nail it. You have to start very slow, and only after you have everything perfect, will you improve.

It has to go into your sub conscious and muscle memory, or you will never improve. Screwing up the same riff over and over won't get you anywhere. You will just play that riff, really shitty, for ever.