Just noticed on ESP site they announced new finishes (Not Distressed) for the LTD EC256. I liked the ec 256 but cannot stand the distressed finish. Im really liking the Lemon Drop.
OMGOMGOMG... soooo excited!
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My buddy has a distressed model and it just didn't look right compared to my roadworn strat...leave the relic stuff to fender imo. Those look pretty dang good, I'd love to see that lemon drop in person.
i would like to see finishes like the lemon drop, ec401vf see thru black and black cherry on a ec1000 model with 22 fret. glad to see them put a little more effort into classic looking guitars, i like to bring the metal with guitars that look less metal.. ; )
That looks amazing for a guitar of that price. I like how ESP are designing guitars that aren't generic EMG things.
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Does the one on top remind anyone else of the Slash AFD Les Paul?
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That top one looks pretty hawt.

What I really want them to do is make some non distressed ST models. Preferably some with an HSS setup, without a floyd rose.
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I really like that lemon drop. Actually I think I like both of them. I always liked everything about the EC-256's except for the distressed finish. I just don't like paying new price for a guitar to look used. I'll break it in myself thank you very much.
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