Post your favorite fingerpicking songs. I already know most of the really popular ones, I'm just looking to expand mine and other's library.

Classical Gas- Mason Williams
Blackbird- The Beatles
Love of my Life- Queen
Untitled Hymn- Chris Rice
Spanish Romance- Traditional
Greensleeves- Traditional
Bouree in Em- Bach
Always and Never- Coheed and Cambria
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Bach's Bouree in Em
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Always and Never by Coheed and Cambria...also Wake up, by the same band.
Try “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. It’s a really awesome song – especially with two people playing it acoustically. It’s mostly finger picking. It can be as hard or as easy as you want to play it.
The Beatles - Julia
Neil Young - Ambulance blues / New mama
Nick Drake - Day is Done / Fruit tree / From the morning
Laura Veirs - Rapture / Riptide / Where gravity is dead / When you give your heart
Leonard Cohen - Suzannne / Hey, that's no way to say goodbye / Famous blue raincoat / Last year's man
Françoise Hardy - La question
Jeff Buckley - Mojo pin (arpeggio parts - choruses are played with a pick) / Je n'en connais pas la fin
Bob Dylan - Girl from the North country
Joni Mitchell - Little green / All the fingerpicked songs on Clouds
St. Vincent - Paris is burning / These days (Dumbo session)
Love - Alone again or
Madredeus - O mar / Os moinhos / Ao longe o mar
Morrissey - Hold on to your friends
Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire de Melody Nelson
Smashing Pumkins - Landslide
Suzanne Vega - Blood sings / Song of sand / Private goes public
Tim Buckley - Morning glory / Phantasmagoria in two (Dream letter version) / Troubadour / Chase the blues away
Heitor Villa-Lobos - Preludio n° 3
Tarrega - Estudio in E minor
Always and Never by Coheed and Cambria.*********************************/g.gif
Dust in the Wind - Kansas
The Trees - Rush
Going to California - Zeppelin
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Always and Never by Coheed and Cambria...also Wake up, by the same band.

Hey mate, would you mind sharing the tabs of wake up gy coheed? I really like this song eversince. And i want to play it for my friends one time. Unfortunately, i dont have the tabs and worst i dont know how to make fingerstyle arrangments. Hope you can share me what you got. Thanks man.