Buy a forest. Adopt 8 midget babies every year (mixed race). Be the only non-midget around and raise them to think you're their god.
That's the worst idea I've heard all day, possibly all week even.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
Why only mixed race?

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That's the worst idea I've heard all day, possibly all week even.

Gasoline chug? Molotov cocktail baseball? Topped.
World domination, and an army of kinkajous.
You dirty piece of shit, you.

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I smoked weed with my mom once.
It was the weirdest moment of my life, and I`ve been caught with my dick in my hand, by my brother, with a giant close up of a dudes face on the tv.

Read that on highdeas like a month ago.
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Don't think I've ever been sigged.

I pretty much never leave the drug thread anymore.
I don't think infants have the cognitive ability to understand the concept of a god. They'll just think of you as a parent of some sort. The height difference will probably be a symbol of superiority (in primitive rank, not divinity).

So taking into consideration all these, it's more likely you'll end up being a regular old tribe leader with a dangerous assortment of small ugly diapermen at your disposal
Yeah well consider this.

...Stapling helium to penguins since 1949.
Consider this: Adopt a small child, preferably an infant. Have no human contact with the child from this point on. Anytime you must interact with the child, you must wear a wookiee suit and only speak wookiee. The child is only to be shown Star Wars movies, over and over. Hair transplants are to be given to the child on a regular basis to develope and maintain wookiee-like appearance. 10-15 years later, release wookiee-child into the woods.
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