Earlier this week I bought a Warlock Bronze off a guy on Craigslist for $65, it was by no means in the best of conditions, but it worked, and the neck is straight (My guitar playing buddy went with me to test it as I'm just barely getting into this).

I figured I might as well buy it because I know an automotive painter (my dad :P).

So basically, I Disassembled it and started sanding it today, and Hopefully I will have the paint done Monday or Tuesday.

Whoever painted this thing, did a horrible horrible job. There's a large run on the front, and fish-eyes everywhere. Not to mention that there are nicks and dents all over it that I'll have repaired and reshaped with bondo.

Anyways, I'll upload pics of it sanded later, and update with more progress as it happens as well.

Here's the color I'm gonna have it painted:

Here's one before pic:

Here's it disassembled:
If the finish were better painted, it would look very nice. I am, however, anticipating seeing the green.
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It probably would've looked decent.

Also, I'm debating on whether or not I want pinstriping done on it. But the only spot I can think of having it done would be on the edge of the angle on the front.
Take the inserts for the bridge out. Here's how, makes it super easy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsZ9zBX2eDU

On another note, a friend of mine and I hot rodded his bronze warlock haha It's got an SX strat pickup in the neck and an invader he found for $15 in the bridge. I filed the frets and set it up to play nice. We plan to give it a psychadelic paint job some time.
I took the pic before I removed the inserts. I put 2 6mm airsoft bb's in there and screwed the nut in. Worked well.

Edit: I'm also going to replace the bridge because the chrome is worn to heck. But I'm not sure if I want to go normal chrome with the bridge and knobs, or black chrome :S
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Just finished sanding the paint off.
There are a lot of low spots and nicks, but at this point I'll just hand it off to the professional xD
I got a bunch of parts today as well. new pots, PU rings, neck screws, and knobs.

Here's some pics:

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Wow. One piece of wood that's actually a wood of some description?
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Took the liberty of resizing the pics this time...

Red primer:

Paint finally!

There's a guy at the shop that's gonna do a pinstripe on the front as well.
Welp. Shes done. Well... not entirely, the new bridge comes in next week.

Other than that though, its done. I think it came out great.

Make it a string thru body. Those wraparound bridges looks really ugly imo.
Roses are red
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