I was just looking through my old youtube account, which I never use, and found some clips of my old bands gigs. We haven't been making music together for a couple of years now, so it was a pretty cool nostalgic flashback thing watching these again.

We were called the Thief Card, and this was recorded at a battle of the bands we ended up winning. We won a free EP recording and management consultation but circumstances prevented us from ever using it. Long shitty story.

Anyway I thought you guys might like to check out this clip. This was my favourite of our songs, probably cos it was the newest, and I don't think we ever got around to naming it. Let me know what you think of my old band's stuff.

I'm the guitarist on the left of screen.

And this one was from our first show ever. It's a little heavier, and I botched my solo in it :P. This song was called Undone and, again, I'm on left of screen.