I had made a thread just a little down about some unknown knob, which turns out to probably be a spin-a-split.

But a new question arose while i was checking the guitar. I have no idea what kind of pickup is in the neck. The seller said that the last owner had replaced it with a mini-humbucker at some point. I was looking, and according to a google search of the patent no. sticker, which is 2.737.842, they are gibson made. But when and from what is what i'd like to know.

Here's a picture of the sticker.


And heres what the neck pickup actually looks like
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The bridge is a P-90 single coil, and the neck is a mini bucker, just look where the pole pieces are at, the p-90 they are centered, and the neck pickups they are on the edge, indicating that it's the rear coil, and has a coil in the front, thus making it a humbucker.
Oh yeah yeah yeah, i've got that already. I was just trying to figure around when it was made but i found out, it's an old Gibson pickup, probably from a les paul deluxe, that was originally meant to be for an Epiphone before they were moved to production in Japan. So it was made in-between 1961-1970 roughly.
Those were perhaps most popular on the old Les Paul Deluxe from the 1970s. They sounded pretty good, but a lot of people had the guitars routed for full-sized humbuckers.

Tom Scholz of Boston famously played a Les Paul Goldtop with a P-90 in the neck position and a full-sized DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge. I guess he didn't want to just use a mini-humbucker in the bridge.

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