Ok, so we've all worked for shitty bosses, right? Just thought I'd share a little story of my shitty boss (or old one I should say) and see if you guys have any funny stories of your own.

So here goes...

Me - I was a third key at a local dine-in.
R - Boss in question. GM of the local dine-in. Jewish in all the good and bad connotations of the term, and going to Bonnaroo this year (as am I).
C - Co-worker. also a third key at local dine-in. Friend from high school. Has a felony on his record.
T - Assistant manager at local dine-in. Also friend from high school.
S - tattle-tale employee at local dine-in.

ok, so two weeks ago, R failed to post the schedule for the week. It was a saturday, and I had already worked from 7a to 3p, unaware that I was also scheduled from 5:30p-10p. So after work I get plastered drunk. C was manager on duty that night and called me at 6 asking where the **** I was. I tell him I wasn't aware I was supposed to work and that I'm drunk and shouldn't come in. He says he doesn't care. come in anyway. So I did, but he didn't tell me S was working that night...and S, being a ladder-climbing-bitch decides to tell R that I came in drunk.

So R asks me about it the next morning, and I tell her everything that happened. Just came clean about everything. So she says it's fine, writes me up, and pretends like it's all over.

So five days go by, and mind that I worked the shittiest of shit shifts at this place. I worked 7a-3p on weekends and 3p-10p almost every other day of the week. So I get a text after five days from C telling me to quit while I still can cause R's gonna fire me, so that night I leave a resignation letter in the office. Funny thing is, R was going on vacation the very next day. So basically she used me for those five days (so she didn't have to work my shit shifts), was gonna fire me, and then come back 3 days later, by which time they would have gotten someone to cover my shifts.

So I guess the day R got back from vacation, C resigns, having found a better job, and disgusted with the way R went about getting rid of me. So now R pretty much hates me and C.

So my roommate (also a third key there) comes home tonight and tells me that R sent one of her friends to go to the new place C works and to talk shit about him and try and get him fired from there. But thing is, she was stupid enough to tell T what she did. So as soon as T hears this, he calls up C and tells him, so C calls up R's boss and says either he [R's boss] fires R, or he's [C] suing the company for slander. So as soon as R's boss gets off the phone with C, he drives to the store and fires the bitch.

So what do I do? Send taunting texts to R :-)


Me: "Man, Karma's a bitch, eh?"
R: "You dug your own grave" (obviously oblivious to the fact that I know the whole story)
Me: "As did you. That's kind of the idea behind Karma.."
R: "Funny you think we're the same"
Me: "Haha the only thing we have in common is the T-shirts in our closets. I could never muster the amount of selfishness and hatred required to attempt to sabotage an ex-coworker's career. especially knowing that he has a record that hinders his ability to easily find a job. See ya at Bonnaroo you sneaky little slytherin. I'll be sure to pack a snake-bite-kit."

I'm still awaiting a reply.

Lol. I don't know... that just felt really good. I don't think I've ever sent a text quite as mean or quite so deserved to anyone.
Justice was served. You look like a cock-ass motherfuck sending snarky texts like that to someone who just lost their job, deservedly or not.
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I have no stories but I like your use of letter substitutes for people
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Justice was served. You look like a cock-ass motherfuck sending snarky texts like that to someone who just lost their job, deservedly or not.

Yeah, but I accepted a long time ago that I'm an as shole. Now I just kinda run with it.
My boss leaves me by myself at the shop during the busiest moments of the day to do her shopping (still on the clock), has hour long lunch breaks, doesn't serve customers and then moans to me that my work ethic isn't good enough. Bitch.

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My boss is awesome though.

I started working at this bagel factory last summer. There were these 2 girls there that worked with a certain kind of bagels made specially for one client (They have more preservatives in them giving them more shelf life, while the bagels we have normally have no preservatives in them making them edible).
I had been working there 2 weeks and it was clear they had had problems with people in the past (kids stealing ipods, not working as hard as they should so they stay longer/get paid more, taking multiple half hour bathroom breaks) and these 2 girls were no exception.

Now, my boss is a giant jewish man. 6 and a half feet tall, most likely pushing 300 pounds and is just really loud. But it's a really chill environment to work in. This other girl that works there calls him "nig" and he lets us say/do pretty much anything we want as long as the bagels get finished.

Anyway, to the meat of the story:
These 2 girls would just slack off all the time. One of them being an over-weight tranny who only worked part time so that she could still collect unemployment. My boss had confronted her multiple times saying "I'll give you more hours so you can be full-time" and she literally replied "No, it's fine. I'd rather just sit at home on my ass doing nothing."
So my boss holds this meeting randomly one day. Just calls everyone into his office and has us sit down. He starts the meeting off: "I'm not happy with how things are being done around here and some changes have to be made. First off, you two (the 2 aforementioned girls) are fired. Please clock out and John will escort you to your cars."

Shit was cray. But the guy is still awesome. He runs a great business and really cares for all of us.
Though he straight up told us "If you ****ers every unionize, you're all fired." xD
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sht up u flthy librl foogit stfu u soo mad n butthurdt ur ass is an analpocolypse cuz ur so gay "my ass hrts so mcuh" - u. your rectally vexed n anlly angushed lolo go bck 2 asslnd lolol
I had a boss once that would literally never let something be done right the first time, even if it was. It was a restaurant and we made our own whipped cream for the desserts. I made it one day, had him look. 'Nah man, mix it a while longer'. I turned the mixer on without the bowl in it while he wasn't looking, had him come back and look. 'Perfect.'


I quit not long after that, he was horrible.
I've never had a shitty boss
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At one of my last jobs, I had a boss who made me label every single item in the kitchen of the group home where I worked. When I started to do this, he pulled me into the office and told me that he was pissed at me because I was not smiling while I did the task. I was so pissed off, I wanted to punch him in the face, just to see if I could hit him hard enough to make him go through the window, but I decided not to because I could not afford the costs ot going to court.

But I quit the next day. To hell with him.

I can't be bothered figuring out the abbreviations in the OP.

Also, I haven't had a bad boss yet, and am hoping to end up with a job where I am my own boss.
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Well, I used to work for this old lady doing random housework for about $50 a day, it was fairly easy money. The reason I stopped doing it was that the stupid things she had me do were so annoying. She got this radio electric fence for her dog and had me drag the dog around the property teaching it where the flags were that it couldn't go past, which wouldn't be so bad if they didn't have like 2 or 3 acres of land that's mostly brush. One time she had me cut the grass in large section of her yard with a sling blade. Have you ever tried that? It's pretty retarded, especially knowing they have various farm equipment and a lawn mower that would have done a better job. Also, every time I went into the house, no matter how frequent, I had to knock and yell "Is anybody home?". Eventually I got tired of doing it and stopped going over there.
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