Hey guys,

I've been a mostly multifx guy for most of my musical life, and am only just now starting to branch out into single stomp boxes. On stage, I use my POD X3 Live as my swiss army knife of tones, but would like to be able to branch out more, without losing my standbys. So, can anyone recommend me a pedalboard/enclosed case that would be big enough to house the X3 plus half dozen or so stompboxes? I realise I could just keep them seperately, but I'm a lazy, lazy man, and they're much more likely to get used if ic an keep them all together :P

Your best bet is just do go on guitar center of musiciansfriend's websites and search pedalboards. And find one big enough for your stuff. Unless you'd like to build one

Edit: 311, from a search it seems he has a mesa recto and uses the pod for effects only. And just wants to expand out to more effects.
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