Ok so i have this guitar http://www.guitarcenter.com/Squier-Bullet-Strat-with-Tremolo-104494315-i1385540.gc yes i know its horrible. I dont know much about wiring or any of the internals of guitars but i would find it cool to learn/know for the future. So i was thinking about dropping this in the bridge http://www.guitarfetish.com/Lil-Killer-Black-Humbucker-Rail-Pickup-for-Strats-Three-Versions-Available_p_461.html (lead version). My first question is how do i go about doing this?! (Post a tutorial maybe?) and is it even going to produce a A7X Papa Roach and Randy Rhoads sound?
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I have no idea what sound it'll make but installing pickups is easy, so long as you know how to solder. It' easier than it looks in my opinion, you just have to practice for a little bit.
To do this you'll need a soldering iron, solder and desoldering braid(Optional).

That'll run you about 30 dollars if you find the right deals. You don't need a Weller, just something basic with heat control dial.

EDIT: It'll probably cost more if you get a tech, so the iron is a worthwhile investment.
..I was watching my death.
My uncle is a plumber so im not worried about any of the tools. He already told me he can do it he just needed to know if anything special needs to be done or something he may not know.
You venture into the guitar modding realm when you're after a specific tone. As for what type of tone this combination will make.... well the guitar itself probably doesn't have a great tone to begin with. But it's good that you're opting for a cheap pickup. Some people will put $100 dollar pickups in $100 dollar guitars (*facepalm). The only benefit I can see from doing this is going from a single coil to a humbucker. You'll have much more playability. They describe this pickup as having a great tone but I highly doubt that. It's cheap, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try it out. I'd get the high output one. It will be much brighter and it'll cut through the dull tone wood of the guitar better. I've played some Squiers that were absolutely abysmal. The only way to save them is to install very hot pickups. Really high output pickups don't have as much tonal character anyway, but the playability is great.

As for the wiring... the pickup has 4 wires. Connect the red and white wires together and tape them off. The green wire is your ground, solder it to one of the pots. The black wire is the output. Solder that to where the single hot was.


Hope that helps.
yea im not looking for an amazing tone for 25 bucks. I understand that. I just wanna be able to get a better metal sound then i can right now and wanna learn how to work with the inside of guitars