The guitar work was phenomenal. I really liked all of it, and it stuck in my head haha. It'll take me a few more listens to pay attention to the lyrics, as I just woke up, but this is some good stuff man. Keep it up!
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You are amazing. The fact that you have paramore next to disturbed shows how awesome you are.
Here, an awesome medal. It's made out of awesomnite.
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Thank you!
I would give you an awesome metal, but
I can't find any awesomnite.
I gave it a youtube like! At 1:58 that guitar riffing was sick man!
What tuning were you in? Drop D?
Thanks fellas And actually, I'm in drop C#. I wrote the song in D, but my guitar happened to be a halfstep down and I was too lazy to change it for the video
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