So I keep planning on doing a NRD, but keep getting new stuff to add, and I rather do one big awe inspiring post.

Anyways, I read a few posts around the interwebs with not much info, but pulled the trigger anyway and got myself a EHX Mole on the way. Guitar Center kind of screwed me over and owed me a bit so for $15.34 I couldn't say no to the pedal.

Anyone ever play or use or own one of these pedals? So far most I could gather is it's a dark boost similar to the devi ever, but based on the LPB-1. So I imagine it would be a cool addition for a bi-amp/ half tube rig with a nice muff and other fun pedals
Just use it. See what you can get out of it. Experiment. Not a lot you can do besides that. Also not much we could do for you, as I don't quiet understand what you are asking. Sounds like a cool pedal, though. Hope you like it!
I just ordered it have to wait a week until I receive it, but can't use it for 2-3 due to school. Most information online is people saying what they imagine it to be, with no demos or real information.

Just seeing if anyone knows good uses for it while I wait.
I use it on mild settings to be kind of a low-pass filter, useful for a thumpy, fat sound without a lot of changing of settings.
most of the demos on youtube sound like a clipping, farting mess
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most of the demos on youtube sound like a clipping, farting mess

I've used one and it didn't clip (with the passive I tried anyway) when it's on a reasonable setting, but did when you cranked that knob all the way. It is an absolute one trick pony though--you can kiss all high end goodbye. I think it does suit the "need an instant boost that's all bass" trick just fine, it just can't do anything other than that.

At that cheap you can't go wrong even if you rarely use it TS. If nothing else, it might be a fun little mod platform.
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Read the overview and people's reviews. It basically just boosts your low end. If you want more, look for reviews and demos on Youtube.

If you read my post, I said most reviews and banter is misinformed, poorly written or mostly about guitar (youtube vids).

I have done more research, but still no real examples or experiences.

What I have gathered is that it's not what almost every speculator (read- people who never tried the pedal and feel their opinion matters) thinks it is. It's not a 1 band EQ, but a booster pedal. It is in fact based on the LPB-1 which is a run of the mill standard boost with a little coloring. The Squawking bird or whatever is the variant for treble boosting (see Tommy Iommi).

Basically it could be a dubby or blues tone in a box. My specific interest in the pedal was one post where I read that as a booster, it ups volume and low end which can clip but also the poster mentioned drive a tube amp into serious stoner territory, especially with a fuzz in front of it. I was curious if anyone had experience with it as a dark booster, not trying it as so much a "EQ" shaper.

Speaking of, I am about a week from collecting all my gear, can someone explain how to post a number of pics easy so I can do it justice?

Also FYI the Knock Out by EHX is not a Screaming bird and The Mole in one package, it's a Attack shaping box with high and low and the Steel Leather is a similar box for bass almost a compressor on opposite day, allowing for pick like tone with fingers. Just to spread some good info on a number of newer pedals.