Hi. I just bought a DT155, but was looking to change the bridge from the boring old powerocker. All the guitars at my local store have either a Floyd Rose or Bigsby but I want something different - I was looking at either a Kahler, Pro Rock'R or Washburn Wonderbar.

My playstyle is a little different also: I pluck like a classical guitarist (useless with a pick) and if I need to whammy then I don't use the arm - I lift the back of the bridge - but only on my Cort SP3.

Any opinions on the Kahler, Pro Rock'R or Wonderbar?
It seems to me that a Kahler or Pro Rock'R would be difficult to lift up like you're describing.

Ibanez makes a Lo Pro 7 with trem arm holes on each side and a bar that connects to both, but those are only made for a signature guitar (one of the dudes from Korn). They don't make a 6 string version. You could make one yourself, but you would have to drill/weld/etc.
From what I gather, the powerocker is held on by 4 screws in the front piece while the whole tremolo relies on string tension to hold it against the front piece... Is there a way that I can replace the bridge/tremolo without making new screw holes? Is that what a bridge plate or pivot plate is for?

I might stick with the powerocker, but I'm really interested in a wonderbar.