I just got my first guitar slide. I know how to use it but am puzzled at one thing. When I use the lower strings I get this buzz on the B string. Is it one of those things you naturally learn to control or am I supposed to know something?
one of the trickiest things to do on slide guitar is muting all the strings except the ones you want to ring. try using your pickhand to mute the b string and see if it helps. if that doesn't, try muting behind the slide to see if that helps.

are you playing electric or acoustic?
Its a strat. Well Im using the lower strings and am using the B string but it just buzzez instead of sound out.
you might be pressing down too hard. with slide, all you need is barely the weight of the slide itself to make a sound.

could you link a video of what you are talking about?
I think its just a getting used to thing. Its getting better as I play more. I guess because its my first time with a slide. Thanks for your help anyways .
The suggestion about muting is very important.
Here's something else to look for.... Make sure your bridge is adjusted properly and that your strings are all at the same height.
If one is just slightly lower than the rest when the slide is in contact....It will buzz.
Lap steel guitars have to be set up very carefully to avoid this problem.
What material/weight is your slide? I bought a Dunlop glass slide to play around with on my Schecter electric, but the slide itself was so thin (and I so inexperienced with it) that I couldn't get it to sound right, including buzzing. I then bought a heavier brass slide and found that much easier.
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