This is a song I wrote a few days ago. Try and imagine something along the lines of the pixies, or cage the elephant.

Verse (Part 1)
He's an artist, but he rarely uses paint
His victims call him Conner, but that's only a nickname

I see it in his eyes he's bursting at the -

Give him a spoon and he'll dig for a mile
If you hand him a spade that motherfcukers gonna kill

I see it in his eyes, he's bursting at the seams

Verse (Part2)
They hate him, but they love him all the same
He'll rob you blind then buy your drink, It's weaved into his game
It's only business, don't get mad, you know he's going to win
He's an artist of the con
And his brushes paint his sins

There's a hole in the master-plan
A gap in the logic of the thinking man
Conner's poking holes in the master-plan
Another chink in the armor of the shinier man
And that is it. Feel free to leave any constructive criticism.