has anyone ever used stuff from guitarzoom.com like the 96 rock licks? are they worth the money? which online guitar lesson is the best especially theory and trick wise.
I have never heard of guitarzoom. I did check it out and it seems ok, no better or worse than any other literature out there. I have not found a good DVD or online Theory guide. There are many books however on the subject.

Laugh if you want, but years ago I purchased Music Theory for Idiots. It is a great book for anyone who is starting out!

As far as learning licks and tricks, there are some great ones like Rock House series from Hal Leonard, (www.halleonard.com). The DVDs come with many bonuses! I must admit, I do not like HL, but these DVDs are pretty cool.
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Yes i prefer above reference because halleonard really make easy tutorials for guitar lovers.