Anyone ever try to use their favorite song as a ringtone for their cell phone?

For me, it lasted about two weeks, because every time the song would play on my IPod, I always thought someone was calling me.

The song I used was Time by Pink Floyd.

Anybody else have a disastrous Cell Phone Ringtone Story?
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I was in church, when all of the sudden...

(someone finish post)
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Anybody else have a disastrous Cell Phone Ringtone Story?

No, I don't think that's actually possible

I did have the same ringtone as a girl from high school though. That's how we met actually. Whenever I hear the intro to The Beatles' I Want You/She's So Heavy I still think of her and how badass we were back in the day because of that.
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I keep mine on vibrate because I don't like to annoy people.

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I keep mine on vibrate because I don't like to annoy people.

My ringtone is the riff of Riverside mother****er. Nokia 3310 has this programme which allows you to make your own very basic riffs.
If it works as a ringtone, then fine.

Never as an alarm clock.

And no, I don't have any disastrous ringtone stories.

Although, http://youtu.be/hZKjvGk7qhA
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My ringtone is "great balls of fire." It usually gets a laugh out of somebody.
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I don't because then you start hatin the song, so I just put my phone on vibrate
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Not that anyone ever calls me, but vibrate is easily the non-douche way to go.
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Not that anyone ever calls me, but vibrate is easily the non-douche way to go.

I walked into my economics class one time last year and my phone mustve hit off something in my pocket because it suddenly started playing **** her gently by tenacious d. Trying to turn that off was the most panicked thing ive ever done lol
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Not really disastrous...
I have the "Play 'em off keyboard cat" song as my ringtone for when I get a text. I had just finished telling this really cute girl (that knew the song) that I had that as my text tone and was like "I'm sure someone'll text me soon" because I had just texted someone.

Well that person decides to call me instead, and my ringtone happens to be "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga. It got about as far as "Ra Ra, Ra ah...." before I answered. Cute girl almost died laughing.

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I was in church, when all of the sudden...

(someone finish post)

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used to have crossroads as my ringtone before i decided to change it one day to the normal ringy ring phone tone thing.

and haven't looked back.
Usually vibrate but if not The Final Countdown because of Arrested Development
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I was in church, when all of the sudden...

(someone finish post)

I was in church, when all of the sudden the phone of the girl next to me started going off playing "Sexy and I Know It."

True story. Happened just this week.
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I don't know what my ringtone is because my phone's always on silent/vibrate.
My phone is always on vibrate (so I can insert), if it isn't it's just the stock ringtone.
My buddy was sitting with me in the hospital one night, and the room was dead silent except the nurse tending to the guy I was sharing a room with. All of a sudden, my bro's phone busts out with, "ALL DIS BULLSHIT DONE MADE ME STRONG MO****A"
Mine is always on silent. Not even vibrate.
i use the "alarm only" setting for my alarm clock, and even then it's just the stock tone...
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I've had mine on vibrate for a few years now, but before that it was Tornado of Souls by Megadeth. It was something that I picked because it's pretty loud right from the start, so I'd certainly know that somebody was ringing me.

I got cofused once when it started rigning, though. I was sat listening to some Maiden, and I couldn't quite figure out why it seemed to be partying with Megadeth. It took me quite a while to realise that it was my phone...

If I turned my phone off vibrate, I think I'd just have to go with the Star Wars Cantina Band as the ringtone.
Right now I have Comfortably Numb live as my ringtone. Right before it goes into the second solo.
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tonzr doesn't work anymore for some reason, so I just use some groovy preinstalled ringtone on my phone called cigar and wine.
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Mine's Whole Lotta Love, so when someone rings me, anyone who hears it usually creams themselves.
Yeah, I used to have Metallica's "King Nothing" from the Load album as a ringtone, but then my cellphone was disconnected due to a contract dispute with the phone company, so I have a phone but it does not work. I've decided that I can live without a cell phone, it makes it harder for people to reach you, so this is a definite plus.

Always vibrate. I'm not going to force someone to listen to a song they may not like.
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I keep mine on vibrate because I don't like to annoy people.


But I did try making the Pokemon Theme song my ringtone once. Was awesome for a few days, but became really annoying the following days after.


Mine's Made Of Stone by the Stone Roses. It's also my alarm. It's annoying when I get a call in the morning and I think it's my alarm so I just leave it.
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I once had my ringtone as the breakdown from "Scream Aim Fire" by Bullet for my Valentine, then I changed it to the instrumental chorus of "Hellhounds on my trail" by Children of Bodom.
Now I just have the good old fashioned electronic style ring ring ring ring.
Is it really douchy to use a song? Maybe I should change mine. I've been switching between various Dead Kennedys songs lately. Right now it's on "Viva Las Vegas".
I've got it set on the chorus to Bridges in the Sky

Death survivor, take me higher
Reunite my soul

And my text alert is the first drum lick from 6:00.
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I have the opening riff to End of a Spark by Tokyo Police Club as my ringtone, and i have an iPhone which doubles as my iPod. So whenever its on shuffle and it comes on I always think im getting a call.

Thats the extent of my stories...
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