Very uplifting, there's some really beautiful melodies and chords in this. I loved the occasional hints of dissonance too, they really added life to the song. Subbed you straight away.
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Really beautiful man. I like the progression/melody especially in the chorus-ey bit. Catchy. The Spanish sounding bit is a nice change up. (I know my terms are real technical, lol) The name fits the song very well. I'll be honest I can listen to a dude playing acoustic guitar and get bored real fast, but your song kept me interested. Good hooks and everything.

You're real talented man, I can't imagine being able to play like that. Or write something like that. You combine the catchiness that I love with the technicality I wish I had! Great combo. Keep writing, keep playing, definitely was a pleasure to listen to yours as well.
Thnx very much for the crit. Listening to your song. Loving the tapping on the strings reminded me of something along the lines of Andy Mckee. The composition of the song is great it has it's dark and light moments. I would if possible add a lead but it holds strong already on its own. There isn't much here I could criticize which idk if that's a good or bad thing. OH this is a playlist. Your other song Flying made me smile sounds very emotional. This one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYv_gqC9tDw&feature=autoplay&list=UU2SuCKOLdHW3IphmYIss2Zw&lf=plcp&playnext=1

You've got talent my friend Keep it up!
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I'm a big fan of that tuning, cool song. I like your harmonies, simple yet quite effective at evoking feeling. You also do a good job drawing the melody out which is nice to see in fingerstyle players. It would be nice to hear a little more variety, you seem to use the same ideas over and over again which can be okay when contrasted with other ideas. The listener will then get a nice feeling of return. You did this a bit around 2:15 or so but you need something else, that same riff, while quite pretty does get a bit old. Maybe I've just been listening to too much Wagner recently though.

Great start though, the song is quite pretty and your playing is solid.
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Hey thanks for the crit.

Love this style of playing ( you also sound like youve been influence immensely by a lot of the candyrat artists ha) You do however kill me when it comes to playing incredibly cleanly hah so well done there. As I said on another video its a shame you don't have more views because you've got some serious talent. I guess if I HAD to say anything to work on it would be incorporating more impressionable melodies. Don't get me wrong everything your playing is absolutely beautiful, it really is. My personal opinion (so I may very well be wrong) is that if people can remember a melody from your song theyll keep coming back. Like I said this is incredibly well written and played, but I don't get the sense of that melody. Also this is being very very critical, so I standby what I said when you absolutely out-play me any day hah
Firstly, thanks for commenting on my thread. Secondly, unreal playing and composition. Never seen anyone play in your tuning too, so kudos for originality.

Really good job, and the recording sounds nice too
Some fantastic playing there mate, I love the sound of that acoustic. The accentuation is just right for each note, and the trills decorate the general progression brilliantly.

I love the hint of flamenco in there, i wish you had put more of that in there! haha

One thing i would say, is a break up of the song would have added another level of story to the song. I know its a happy song, and i definitely feel that watching it, but maybe introducing a bridge where the main focus in the minor chords and a rhythmical change would engage some people more.

But overall, thats a damn nice piece. Would love a full arrangement of that, piano, strings and stuff haha.

Thanks for the crit on my thread too mate Keep up the good work!
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
Cheers for the crit man

Critting as I listen.

Your acoustic tone is really beautiful, and so is the intro riff. Nice use of percussive techniques too. I'd love to see that explored further but then as a bassist I'm a sucker for that kind of thing.

The versey thing is a nice change and pretty catchy, and the part after that is even better, with the rings of dissonance which kind of reminds me of spanish guitar stuff, which makes the song interesting.

Your technique is great, and the song is pack full of sweet melodies