Hello everyone,
My name is Mike and I'm a 30 yr old guitarist from Philadelphia. I have been playing for a little over a year now. Before guitar I played bass as well as drums but guitar was always the holy grail for me. It was the instrument that was too hard and I just didn't think I would ever be able to learn to move my fingers like you see guitarists like Slash or Vai or any of those guys. So last year I decided to give it a shot and went out and bought an Ibanez. Low and behold, I fell in love. I usually play, and this is no exaggeration, about 3-4 hours a night after work. So I've come a LONG way in a single year. I am looking forward to meeting some other guitarists and learning anything I can.
there are loads of people here who love guitar and practise as much as you and even more so you're in a good community (for the most part). This CAN be a very helpful forum but beware. do not enter the pit for once you have enter you cannot leave.