I wasn't sure where to ask this, since im playing with an electric i opted to post it here. Ive been grabbing up all the rock and blues backtracking i can find to play to in A minor ( more for learning pick control and finger control and making it fun, yes im that new) . Anyway i found this awesome backtrack site http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/ which has tons of songs on it. problem is how do i tell what the song is played in? My ear is not developed enough because i cant recognize them at all. Is there another way to tell?

again, sorry if this is a newbolicious question, i really did try to pull some of these off by ear.. Im just not there yet.

at GBT a lot of the blues tracks, are named after thier key.

also, look here for specific keys in looping tracks.

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if its not in the name, you'll have to go by ear.

in most, if not all, easier backing tracks, the first chord is the key. try to match a note from your guitar to the first chord in the song. also, keep in mind that guitar is an easily transposed instrument (Bminor is Aminor up 2 frets, for example), so don't worry about playing in 1 key