So I really want to learn to sing and have been trying, I recorded a song and was hoping that you guys could critique my voice and tell me what to work, please be as critical as possible, and give me any tips and or things I need to improve, thanks!
I will post more songs in this thread for you guys to critique.


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I hear massive amounts of straining. Don't push your voice to do something it's not ready to do. Instead, support from your diaphragm and flow the lyric.

YOU ARE NOT READY FOR DISTORTED VOCALS. Learn the basics before you try to do some of the raspy stuff you were doing in the song.

You are also talking more than singing. Breath support as mentioned above will do wonders for you.
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I'm going to give you my honest opinion.

1) You need to work on awareness of pitch. Get a keyboard, find notes that are comfortable for you to sing, and practice singing different intervals and matching the pitch. This will take time to develop.
2) Singing sounds different in your head than to others around you. Practice singing into a microphone, recording yourself, and hearing the sound of your voice.
3) You need to breathe properly. A vocal coach can show you exercises. Just make sure you take deep breaths wherever it seems logical to do so. You do have to consciously control your breathing when you sing.
4) You need to learn how to eliminate nasality and sing with a clear tone.
5) Practice, practice, practice!!

That's pretty much all the stuff they tell people who are just learning how to sing. I'd recommend you get a vocal coach and start practicing. Singing is a skill just like any other that can be mastered, but it will not come without hard work and dedication.
Unfortunately I can't afford vocal lessons, but I did buy a dvd by SbGalt from youtube. Should I maybe sing a long to scales on my guitar? And I have seen people saying to relax your soft palate, how do I go about doing that?
Hold your nose. Siing a tone (ah) does it sound nasally? If it does that means your soft palate is low, now try to sing the the tone again and try to make it not nasally, thats a raised soft palate. You want your soft palate to be raised to an extent, this exercise is only to show you the difference.

The most important part of singing is breath support. You need to sing effectively with your diaphragm. Search up "sing with diaphragm" on youtube, theres alot of good stuff out there to teach you. Its hard to demonstrate without video. For starters, lay down, put your hands on your belly, take a quick breathe in. Your stomach should shoot up when you take that quick breathe in, congrats you took a breathe with your diaphragm. Now just breathe normal laying down, your still using your diaphragm, see how your stomach pushes out when you breathe in? Try to replicate that standing up, your shoulders should stay neutral (not raised up) your stomach should push out, your sides should push out a bit (under your ribcage) and your lower back should too.

To help get rid of strain sing along to a scale with a "Mum' but sing that mum like a zombie, real deep. Now check where your adams apple is. If it moves up your doing it wrong. This exercise is to help keep your larynx in a neutral position, when it gets raised you get that strained tone. Check yourself by feeling your adams apple (larynx) when you sing.

Another good exercise to get rid of strain is the lip bubble, which is one of the most used singing exercises. Google it to learn how to do it (might be an example on youtube). Basicly you purse your lips and blow air. Kind of like what kids do to imitate a truck or train. Doing these will help a ton, not just with strain but with range and tone. It sounds stupid but it is widely popular and useful.

Before you sing, be sure to warm up! This is a must. Warm up by humming to scales, then other exercises like lip bubbles, solfege, "ah" "meow" "e" etc.. Warm up for as long as you need to. Youtube/google singing warm ups..

Singing scales in general will help with pitch, but also just picking up a instrument (guitar) and singing to notes/finding notes, will help. However, if your technique is bad then it will be difficult to sing on pitch.

Also, what was said before is, record yourself. Tape recorder, computer etc.. The quality doesn't have to be great but it cant be your cell phone mic quality either.

Another thing is practice, and practice consistantly. You need to build up your voice, sort of like building muscle you need to exercise regularly and do it the right way. To start, Spend 20-30 minutes a day doing warm ups and singing exercises. If your voice ever hurts, stop and rest. When your voice gets stronger you can practice longer and start singing songs too. You'll see good progress in a month or two if you practice consistantly.

If you cant afford singing lessons then I suggest you get a singing instruction package, like Singing Success by Brett Manning. Theres quite a few out there, personally I use Singing Success. However, lessons in person is the best way to go.

Im no expert, I still am no great singer but these are some things ive learned from teachers and singing programs.

Good luck bro!
So I can learn from a program like singing success? I really want to learn to sing badly, its kind of a dream of mine, to write my own music and sing and play at the same time, I can play while I 'sing' but as you can see my singing is awful haha, and thanks so much! That really helped!
Thats good that your passionate about singing, that can be the difference between a okay singer and a legendary singer.

Yeah you can learn alot from singing programs, but you'll be better off with lessons in person. Even just a couple lessons with a good vocal coach will get you on the right track. I would reccomend that first, just a couple lessons isn't expensive. Then if you want you can get a singing program.
Unfortunately I don't have my license and the closest vocal coach to here is about 30 miles away (I searched through google) So I am stuck to doing it at home, I also don't have money (don't have a job).
Theres plenty of people who have learned to sing without a teacher, but it will take longer to learn without guidence. Go for it man, if your willing to put the time into it, you do your research, and are passionate, then I dont know why you wouldn't be able to learn.

One valuable tip moving forward is, if your voice starts to hurt. Stop, get rest.

I also understand I threw a lot of information at you in my first post. By no means try to learn it all in one day. Take small steps, start by just singing scales doing the warm ups, move on to some simple songs, try to have some fun with it.
Ok, also, do you have any exercises to keep a neutral larynx? I found some people saying when you begin to feel it rise to yawn a little and it goes down but I find this hard to do right away, I was hoping there would be some sort of exercise to help me gain control of it.
The "Mum' Exercise (sing mum like a zombie, real dopey sounding) will train your muscles to help keep it neutral. After awhile it should come natural.
You also need to do some ear training - singing scales, doing interval recognition, using the functional ear trainer (downable free at miles.be). You're just stabbing fairly wildly at your pitches and not hitting things consistently.