In college, we had some music festivals goin on during the end of the year. We had bands come in, who were mostly unsigned and (some) of them were terrible. But, I made it a habit to try to branch out a bit and talk to them after their sets were over. From the first event we had, I made friends with all the bands and got their autographs. Then, later party at my dorm room.
For the second event, we had signed bands, most of which were signed to minor labels. I think one of them was signed to roadrunner though. Anyway, I only got one band to autograph something this time. This time, I didnt get a cd or a shirt, so I brought my acoustic Washburn Lyon and the whole band signed it.
I made quite a bit of money of selling said CD's and shirts to giddy girls at the school after these events were over. But, I needed that acoustic at the time so I kept it.

Pardon the backstory. So, I have this guitar which is not that great, and currently collecting dust, signed by a band called Sleeperstar. They apparantly did a song for the Vampire Diaries show.
I'm curious, them being such a small band, could I sell this guitar and make some serious dough? There must be some die hard fans out there, and since they rarely tour, I doubt theyve signed many things.
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Probably not. Smaller fanbase means an even smaller chance of finding someone who wants it. And even then, meh.
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Unless your idea of "serious doe" is a couple hundred dollars, no.

well, a couple hundred would be nice rite now. Im terribly broke. Im not expecting more.
"A guitar is your personality expressed through six strings"

"I'm cuddly bitch, deal with it"
I had a £400 (new) acoustic signed by Tommy Emmanuel. Got £350 for it. I maybe coulda got more, but I thought that was reasonable.