lol cute cat
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Ha ha love you to dude ;-)

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10/10 Slater is amazing

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My cat would totally rip his dick off, and then kick it down a flight of stairs
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Don't belittle it like that, your mom produces top quality stuff.


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You'll get the chance to put the knife in.'
Depends what with. I would trust it to keep a secret - it's a cat, it's not going to tell anyone. But I wouldn't trust it to look after my son - it's a cat, it can't really look after a human child or even really comprehend the task.
Hahahahahahahahahah hahahaha har har har
digman, you love Jonas Guiterrez??? Why?

BTW I'm Argentinian.
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When you break a bass string, that snapping sound is the sound of six dollars going down the crapper.

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Don't think I've ever been sigged.

I pretty much never leave the drug thread anymore.
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My cat would totally rip his dick off, and then kick it down a flight of stairs

So your cat is Dex Starr, feline from the planet Earth in sector 2814?
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