Hey guys, I just finished putting together the Classic Compressor from BYOC, a ross compressor clone. I had a little trouble getting a signal at first but after going back and touching up the soldering joints it's working better now. However I'm still having some problems.

When the effect is on I'm getting a clear signal, and everything seems to be working right, but it's not adding much compression. It seems like the level knob is working fine, but the sustain knob doesn't really do much until it's up past 2 o'clock. And when I'm turning it there's a popping sound at about 3 o'clock. Any ideas at what's wrong?

When I was looking on the BYOC boards someone had a similar problem and in the end all he had to do was clean the pots, could that solve my problem?

I can post pictures of the PCB and my soldering job later if needed.

EDIT: All the components are in their proper places as well.
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If you can you might as well cleaning the pots. It seems like it has something to do with the pot making a click. If you happen to have a spare lying around I'd throw it in just to try.
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