Hello, I'm hoping someone here can help me, I am totally new to taking apart guitars, and am not sure how to wire in my new pickup.

Like the title says, I have a 1993 Ibanex EX 160, and I felt like replacing the bridge pickup. The configuration of my guitar is an HSS, with a 5 Way Switch, A 500k Volume pot and 500k Tone pot.

The pickup I chose was a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker to be put in the bridge position.

I have been looking at this diagram and the wiring setup of my guitar is just about identical:


Also taking a look at this diagram is giving me a good idea:


So essentially what I want to know is, according to the second diagram, installing my Seymour Duncan would include:

1. The green and the bare wire both go to the solder (Ground?) on the volume pot?
2. The red and white are soldered and taped together?
3. This would leave the last wire , the black wire to attach to the 5 way, but on which connection?

My current pickups are the stock Ibanez Power Sounds. And my humbucker wiring configuration is as follows

1. Bare wire going to the "solder" (which I think is called the ground) on the volume pot
2. One White wire going to the uppermost connection on the 5 way(refer to my pictures)
3. And finally, one red wire going to the 6th connection (again refer to my picture).

So essentially I just want to know if I'm thinking this over correctly, and if I am, where should I put that black wire, on the first connection of the 5 way or the sixth?

The pictures aren't the greatest so if you can't quite see what wire goes where, I can help clarify.

Any info would be much appreciated!!!

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I think I can lend some advice.

It's odd that your humbucker only has 3 wires. Usually they have 4 and one bare wire. Yes you are correct in thinking the back of the pots (that solder blob) is ground. I think your guitar is actually an auto-split wiring.


(that shows a mini humbucker but its basically the same thing you have)

What happens is when you're in the 2nd position of the 5way switch (1st being the humbucker position) the switch shorts out the bridge side coil of the humbucker and the other coil is put in parallel with the middle single coil. Do you get a humbucker or single coil sound in the 2nd position?

I think what you have to do is connect the black wire from your Duncan (the +hot) to where the white wire is, the uppermost connection.

The red and white wires that were connected together both go to where the red wire is, the 6th position.

And green is your ground.

I'm almost certain that will do the trick.

I hope this helps a bit.
Yes, when I'm in second position the bridge side of my humbucker does not buzz when i touch it with a screw driver.

Well thank you, I'm going to solder it up soon and hopefully all goes well .
So I just finished, it was a bit of a headache.

The springs from my original pickups were a bit long, and the result was the spring stripping the hole that the screw goes through. I managed to solder all the wires, and it seems be done correctly!

Now I'm most likely just gonna cut the springs a tad smaller, and use some teflon tape on the screw, or possibly get a nut to put on the opposite side of the mount!

So once again thank you X-plorer88!