Hi everyone!
A friend of mine is looking for a new amp and I’m trying to help him out.

Preferably head + cab configuration; flexible budget, buying used is OK. The amp is going mostly to be used at home for recording punk/pop punk music (looking for a modern American tone: Offspring, Sum 41, Blink-182), but it needs to be able to do more than just punk. Nice clean, crunchy and not all-out distorted tones are very welcome.

He thought about a Mini Rectifier or a Single Rectifier, maybe even a Dual Rectifier? He’s open to other suggestions too (thought about Electra Dyne, Stiletto, Peaveys). Actually, we have an online punk project (we record songs together) - and I’m playing an Orange Rocker 30. It seems like a Rectifier would compliment my Orange nicely. What do you think?
It's hard to recommend anything without a budget.

A Single Rectifier would be a good choice though.
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Well there goes that idea... with $1000 for the head, you're asking a lot out of it. That isn't really a budget that's gonna get you what you're looking for. If you want that pop-punk tone on a lower budget, I'd be looking for a JCM 800 or a JCM 900 SL-X. But that's not going to do the rest of what you want very well.

I've had a dual rec before and I wouldn't use it for a pop-punk band. I play in one now, and it just wouldn't sound right. You could get a single rec for that price, but I just can't recommend it for what you're asking of it. The cleans are acceptable and the gain is very much balls-to-the wall modern, and bassy.

You need to either save a bit more or narrow down the tones you want. Versatility isn't cheap. The real answer would be a CEC Brigand if you could save up $3300 + shipping for the head
I'd personally also recommend an Egnater Renegade or Rebel.
Great, flexible amps and a lot of useful features for a studio.
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Well, actually, <$1400 would be fine but <$1000 would be optimal.
The primary use is going to be recording pop-punk tones at home I constantly see Rectifiers for $700-$1000 used on Guitar Center's website.
JCM800s are really loud and not really the sound he's aiming for. He wants more of an Offspring tone than let's say Green Day tone. That's pretty much American vs. British.
I just thought a Rectifier would get the job done, I know Tom Delonge uses Rectifiers (and Marshalls for clarity). I think they use Mark IVs in the Offspring and NOFX.
Unless your playing large shows, mini rec for sure. Vintage mode can easily nail the tones IMO and Im pretty sure alot of the band you mentioned did use dual recs at certain points
Now I'm not a Mesa man myself. Apart from Mark 2 & 3's I know naff all about them (very rare over here) but I listen to what Matrix Claw says about Mesas, he's the Mesa man. He was commenting on the Mini Rec the other day and was very impressed with it. He actually preferred its tone to the bigger ones. In a studio that may very well be your best choice.
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