Okay, so about a month and a half ago a friend in one of my classes and I decided to start a band. Me being lead guitar, he being bassist, and a friend of his playing rythem guitar. Seemed fine as we found a very good singer and know a few potential people that could be a drummer.

First problem is that my Bassist's friend lives in another state about an hour or so away. I'm the only one with a car or even a license for that matter(as we're in high school). I don't want to pick him up all the time for shows, practice etc. He is good, but not worth a two hour drive to get him. As well as the fact he wants to play lead too.

Second, my Bassist thinks he's a lead guitar player. No he doesn't actually play guitar. He does not want to play any and i mean none at all; pieces that include supporting the guitar. He wants to be in the spotlight. He wants to play difficult bass riffs slowly which is kind of impossible considering we play metal with a lot of influence of thrash. When i suggested we could cover Paranoid from Sabbath (we all are Black Sabbath fans) he said no i would get bored.

Third, he wants to be gigging by summer and making money at it too. We don't even have an official drummer yet.... He said we find a drummer and play only covers. I told him I don't want to be a cover band. He said since I have a job everyone else will do cover gigs to make money for equipment without me, but with a temporary second guitarist.

I also had an answer to our drummer problem. Kick out the rythem guitarist and replace him with the rythem guitarist from my old band as well as drummer (that comes with a practice space). He said no because him and the rythem guitarist always said they would be in a band together.

I'm close to quitting. My singer is really good though, and I don't want to give up a really good singer because my Bassist is being stubborn. If i thought my singer would come with me to make a new band I would have left already (I don't know the singer that well, but she's cool). So should I take charge and tell the Bassist he's out of line or should I quit rejin my last band/start a new band and try to convince my singer to come with me?
Talk to the singer and see what she says but you should definitely leave the bassist behind. Being in a band together is like a team and it takes everyone to make it work.
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Hey man, hows it going?

I'm a guitar player of about 5 years and been in about 4 or 5 bands though i currently play bass in a metal covers band. I'm in the UK.

My advice is kick out the bassist and deal with any repercussions that come with it. I say this for a few reasons:-

First off he sounds like he is pushing you into doing alot of things you really would rather not do. And does not appreciate anything you do for him. I mean having to travel an hour there and back to pick him up is a big ask.

I get lifts to practice also (the only member of a 4 piece not driving) but difference is i only live about a 5 minute driver from our singer and about 10 minutes from our guitarist (who picks me up) yet i still thank her or him every time for the lift as with out that i would not be in the band and be playing music with them.

In regards to him wanting more spotlight, he has to leave his ego in check. The fact is us bass players have to just be there in the background and keep the groove otherwise the band falls apart. I get my moments of spotlight (We do Metallica's "For Whom The bell tolls") and just appreciate what i get .

Also, and perhaps most importantly it does not sound like he is on the same page with the rest of you. A band needs to work as a unit and make damn sure you're all on the same page at all times. It's all well and good practising till your tight as hell, but with out all getting on and making sure your on the same level with everything there is no way your band will move forward as you'll do nothing but argue with him all the time.

If you needs bass to help you practice with while you look for another bass player my advice is (as you have 2 guitarists) is maybe to get 1 of you playing bass for a brief period of time? Then once you get a bassist then go back on to guitar.

Hope some of this helps and good luck
the bassist just seems like more trouble than hes worth, and I doubt that it would be to hard to find a replacement, finding a good replacement however could be tough but if you just need to find someone quickly for a show you should be fine as long as your music isn't to techichally challenging for bass. also doing even just a few recognizable covers to start out is a great idea if you can pull them off good.
Talk to the singer, and definitely take her with you, those 2 guys will only bring you down.
Thanks everyone for the replies!

I suppose I'll talk to my singer on Monday and see what she says. (Hopefully she's with me)
Then if she agrees we'll move to the guitarist and the drummer from before and see what we can do about a bassist.
If she doesn't agree for whatever odd reason, I'm screwed and I will still go with the other guys haha

Again thanks, I wasn't sure if it would be worth dealing with him or not.