2 Post Rock songs that are part of my new EP Reflections:
Would like feedback on production/compositions etc etc.
C4C as allways!
And if you like these 2 tracks you can download them and the 2 others from the EP for free on the same Soundcloud account or here: http://dayviewer.bandcamp.com/album/reflections
i wasnt huge on how reflections started out, but the harmonic section at about 1:17 grabbed me, and the song was great after that! i LOVED how it built up and had a bit of a smashing pumpkins vibe at the end IMO. some vocals would do this song wonders if you plan on putting some in. great stuff!!!

"twists" just wasnt my thing. sorry. couldnt get into it.

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@ Reflections sounded like a very dark nylon guitar which is awesome. When the bass came in, it changed the feel of the darkness and brought light to it. Liking the guitar tone works well and compliments the other instruments. Pan the guitars man. The grittyness when it goes back to the nylon guitar theme is sick. I enjoyed this I would just pan the guitars if possible xD

@ Twists n Turns

Very emotional guitar here. It's very spacious seems like your on an empty big stage. I would bring up the drums cause they seem very far away for my taste. It's hard to get into the beat but then again I'm not sure if that was your intention when creating this cause you have an emotional guitar so turning up the drums would ruin it possibly. I'm not sure what you could improve on this. The lead is panned to the right and I would fix that and pan it to the right and left or to the middle. Compress the kick cause it's a little airy.Scratch that when the electric guitar comes in you have it mixed great. Just the nylon guitars bothered me a little. Overall great stuff xD

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I am listening to Reflections. The intro is interesting the acoustic at the beginning sounds a little digital to me but that isn't a big problem it blends into the song nicely. The distorted guitar sounds pretty good I think you may need to play around with the mix. At times it sounds like the song is clipping just slightly. (You can hear it the best when just the acoustic is playing) The progression is nice man. overall good job.

Twins and Turns: I like this one much more. The piano and guitar work together wonderfully the drums and bass come in nice and smooth. I like the space of this song, a nice song to put on and just listen. The acoustic playing is really nice. Keep up the good work!

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I have a mellow song called "Reflections", though I haven't gone public with it yet. Now listening to your "Reflections": sound nice & pleasant.....now it's getting more rock oriented. Sounds good overall, though the distorted guitar is a bit hard on my ears at times (I'm sensitive to that sort of thing). Please review my music at this link: