So this is my first post in a few years. Glad to be back to the UG community! (spent a while away from you guys after joining the Marine Corps) still havn't put down the guitar but since I have no one to play along with I am not going to lie I lost interest in my true love the electric with a cranked up amp, it's been just my voice and an acoustic, which does get old after a while.
Now down to business I have got to jump back on the electric! Pronto! What I am looking for is some good backing tracks that will let me scream some lead on! Not any of that half assed MIDI board made garbage. I want real backing tracks. I want my neighbors to think there's a no shit concert going on in my house when I crank it!
I have an m audio interface with protools SE im running into my amp so Im playing along with some songs out of my Itunes but I want to let it scream.
Who knows of some good sites I can get these backing tracks? Or something of what I am looking for If there is nothing I will suffice for some MIDI crap.
Welcome back! And thank you for serving our country, God bless you. Anyway, believe it or not there are some good backing tracks in all kinds of styles on youtube. Some of them are really good. This site has some good stuff on it too


Good luck! Welcome back and thank you again. God Bless the Corp! Can I say that if I'm not a marine? My grandfather was, Flew a torpedo bomber in the south pacific in WWII.
Thanks I am definitely glad there are people out there like you and yes support like that really makes a difference.
BTW thanks for the help I will check it out if any thing else comes up that you know of let me know!
you wouldnt happen to know of a way that I could delete a lead guitar from a song and do my own thing with it would you?
I think there maybe some programs that can minimize the lead from songs but I think its pretty tricky. Most leads are usually somewhat center in the mix making it hard to isolate without losing other instruments. I think you maybe able to try it in protools with panning and messing with eq frequencies but im not sure how well it will sound or eliminate the lead. I'm starting some searching right now.
You won't be able to completely "delete" a guitar track unless you have access to the individual recordings, but programs like Audacity let you filter out frequencies in audio clips. I've never tried making a backing track this way, but you might be able to filter out higher frequencies to lose some of the guitar sound.
just found this. Download the winamp plugin DSP Center Cut. Using this software, all tracks that are panned to the center of the track will be removed. Most often this is lead guitars and vocals. The unfortunate result could be the loss of vocals; nevertheless, there is no other way currently on the market.

confirms what I thought, leads are panned center, i know your focus is guitar so to hell with the vocals. I'm looking for the program now.
I'm trying the download now I dont know if I have winamp, comp isnt recog. file ext. maybe i gotta do that first
downloaded winamp trying to figure the install on dsp centercut and make it work. will keep u posted. I want to know the best possible way to do that in a final recording. Thats it ya put me on a mission, this may take some time I will jkeep u posted with what I find.