I was groovin around onstage one night and came up with this riff, it ended up being the main riff for this song. Anyways, the crowd loved it, and as soon as I got home, I immediately started writing. What came two hours later was possibly the most awesome rock song I've ever recorded.

Not trying to say I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. But maybe cheesecake

Here it is:


The concept behind it: The story in the lyrics is about three people I grew up with several years ago when I lived in a low class apartment complex with my family. After moving out and moving to a much better neighbourhood, one day I turned on the news and discovered that one of them had been murdered. I was a bit shocked, but as I hadn't been in contact with them for several years, I soon got over it.

However, just about a week later, I discovered that, long story short, the other two were responsible. I was pretty sad, and kind of shut it away for two years until recently when I finally wrote about it.