Hey UG! Just finished a new recording and I want other peeps opinions on how to improve. The link is here:


I recorded it with Pod Farm for the guitars, and GarageBand software for the bass and drums. If only i could sing...

Thanks for any replies!

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I'm going to critique as I listen:

-I love it so far, really cool sound.
-So far, a lot better than I was expecting
-I like the solo, sounds pretty power metalish, which I like.
-Guitars sound great, good tones and everything.
-Either there is no bass guitar, or I can't hear it.
-I think the bass drum should have a bit more bite to it; some of the double bass stuff doesn't sound right without more bite, since it sounds a bit muffled.
-Great guitar work, I think I've said that before, but the guitar work really stands out for me.
-Great lead and rhythm work.
-I think you could've kept the song a bit shorter, since it's mostly just one big solo with rhythm guitar interludes between solos, so it kind of gets repetitive.
-The song is done now.

Overall, great job. Not much to improve on other than what I mention. Good job again.

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ill agree with the guy above on the "power metal" sound. good tones, smooth playing, my only beef is i cant hear the drums really. especially when there is any cymbal ringing out, it drowns the snare and it seems nowhere to be found. awesome song otherwise though!

Really nice sound man and catchy riffs. Needs vocal fills definitely and solid bassline (as zinca said if it is already, can't hear it really). From technical perspective, sounds great and you played it very smoothly, also very nice guitar tone and recording quality

I enjoyed listening to it, good job!
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Shit man this is f*cking sick. Your shredding so much lol

I'd make it heavier and add bass (more treble) other then that it's already sick sounding.

I can't say much for whats already been said the guitar tone is great along with the recording. It seems to me the kick is muffled and could use some EQing for the drums. But other then that sick song.

Crit 4 Crit!

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