So I went to a few guitar shops this week looking for a new amp to retire my Peavey XXX with. (Love it to death but its getting beat up on the road all the time.) So I drove an hour to Guitar Center and tried a few amps out. Krankenstein, a few Mesa's, a 6505, and then I saw an Egnater sitting in the corner. From what Ive seen before I knew they made some low gain amps that wouldnt suit me, but I figured this one had a metal name and I would try it out. Holy shit. This amp blew me away from the start. So a few days later I picked up this Egnater Vengeance!!!

This amp is amazing for the style of metal I play, which is a lot of thrash and old school stuff. I was in need of a roadworthy amp that did everything I need it to do and this does it flawlessly. The footswitch, which Ill get a picture of later is awesome, so many things I can do with it. I have a mid cut on the amp at all times for the rhythm, and that is footswitchable so I can have a mid boost for solos. It has a second master volume on it for solo boots, and the onboard reverb sounds great, although you turn it up past 10:00 and its so much its unusable.

Cleans sound great through this amp, havent gotten to try it with any pedals yet, but it seems like itll take pedals very well, and it can get quite loud without breaking up. Then you can flip a little gain switch, and turn up the gain and have a very subtle blues crunch tone.

The lead channel is where this thing shines. Has enough gain on tap for just about anything I would need to do with it, and the louder you go the better this thing sounds! Great low end rumble, the highs are nice and smooth, and although I keep the mid cut switch on, the mids are turned up a little on the EQ and it sound great. Nice chugging sound and it can also do leads very well without having to use an overdrive pedal or anything. It uses EL34's stock but can take 6L6's as well. The EL's sound great in this thing, very punchy.

Overall this thing is a monster of an amp, I am so glad I picked it up.

Lastly heres a video I recorded of the amp with me just playing whatever came to mind. Just recorded with a cell phone but it still sounds pretty good!
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I saw a guy in guitar center playing some jazzy clean stuff on one and it sounded pretty awesome. Very impressive amp.
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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HNAD! I have the Armageddon, I played the Vengeance, both equally sick. Try everything at 6 across the board. Let me know how it sounds.
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HNAD! I have the Armageddon, I played the Vengeance, both equally sick. Try everything at 6 across the board. Let me know how it sounds.

Already Tried it haha. My bass and treble are around 6 still but I took the mids back down to 9:00. It was good for down tuned stuff but for the Metallica style metal I love the scooped mids tone.

by the way heres a video of the amp with me just riffing random stuff on it. Excuse the crappy playing and solo haha.