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Called "Can't Stop Me Now". Leave a link and I will gladly C4C.

For awhile there I thought I got pretty good at writing these little pop punk tunes. But then life happened... This is the first recording I've made in like 2 years. Good to be back. Can't stop me now?
The quality is really good man. I really like the guitar tone. I'm guessing single coil pickups? Your voice is really good. The lyrics are fun and flow well. Over all good job. Catchy song!
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Hey mate! Is that you on all the instruments?
I think it sounds very professional. Your voice is great, and it really adds a feel to the song
The only thing that I don't quite likeis the snare since it sounds as though it almost plays a note, other than that, great job indeed. A pleasure to listen to!

If you have the time for a C4C
Single-coil indeed. My good ol' tele. And yeah that's me on everything. Such a virtuoso, I know. -_- hahaha

Thanks guys.
Sounds a lot like blink182 because the tone of your voice matches blink182's lead singer. It's catchy and fast paced. The background vocals made me smile. Yeah this is very catchy xD What I would work on is your tone of voice cause it seems a little monotone thru out the song. So I would work on adding a little umph to your voice. Other then that the song was catchy and fun to listen to.

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I really like this. Instruments sound great. Very catchy tune, great vocals, nice tone. Everything is awesome. Very high quality sound. Love it. I do agree with the user above me that your voice could have a bit more going on. Other than that, it's a great song.

Thanks for the crit!
Really enjoyed it. Reminds me of The Ergs!'s style pop-punk. Does get a bit repetitive in the rhythm section. I liked the "ooh's" at the end.