I felt as though I should expand upon the music I first posted, for those of you who were either too unsure or too lazy to check out some of the bands. So essentially this is mainly more of the same. It's really just music that I enjoy, and some others may not have heard, no real theme to it.

Playlist 2: Some More of the Same

Tongues in Cheeks - Sugar Army
Snow Brigade - Mew
Baby I'm Getting Better - Gyroscope
Black Fingernails, Red Wine - Eskimo Joe
Lifelike - Karnivool
The Complexity of Light - Children of Nova
Pilgrim Soul - Feeder
Juggernauts - Enter Shikari
Dakota - Stereophonics
Chloroform - Porcupine Tree


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There's a load more mixes to come so stay tuned
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Very good mix, but the latter half definitely seemed weaker to me. I didn't really care for Enter Shikari, Feeder, or Stereophonics, but the rest were good. You should have included the full version of Lifelike though.
More Karnivool?!?! EVIL! That song actually sounds like another song. I will find this song and show you all that you are listening to evil Australians! *waits for Andy to come in and just post a face and try to rape my bicycle*

Solid list though man, I did like the earlier half myself as well.

....<3 u Andy.
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For me they were just one of those bands that clicked right away. Most stuff will grow on me to some extent.
Quite a decent mix. The standouts being Mew, Children of Nova and Porcupine Tree. Enter Shikari sounded much like a joke, and the other songs didn't really do much for me. Dakota is a good song, but I've heard it about a million times and never knew who it was until now. I skipped Eskimo Joe after hearing that particular song about a trillion times when it came out. I never really enjoyed it anyway.

Nice job.
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