1979 Woodson 250 Watt 2X15 Bass Stack by Kustom! $400

It works 100%, sounds great and has no issues whatsoever. It's tight, crisp and clean with no rattles. IT COMES WITH A FULL SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM IN CASE THERE ARE ANY TROUBLES DOWN THE LINE.

The head is rated at 250 watts RMS. On the left of the amp face there are two channels with 2 inputs each. Each has volume, bass, treble, effects and boost controls. On the right, there are master volume and master effects controls. Below them are two auxiliary inputs, one auxiliary out, and effects in and out.

The speakers are stamped "67-79-16." "67" was the source code for Eminence and they were made in the 16th week of 1979. They're in great shape and sound 100%. The cabinet has a recessed handle on each side and is on casters so it's pretty manageable.

Woodson was made by the same guy who made Kustom, the gear with the tuck and roll vinyl upholstery. He wanted to sell in every store but didn't want to compete against himself so he dropped the upholstery, changed the name and lowered the price a bit. The electronics, however, are all Kustom. The cabinet has the same spherical casters seen on the original Kustoms.

You can own this or you can spend $50 more at the Guitar Center for a 2x10" Line 6. Send me a message with your phone number and I'll call you promptly. I check my messages twice per day.

In case you're wondering, I'm selling it because I play guitar, not bass. I got it when someone gave it to me in return for work I did at her place.

1984 Yamaha SC300T $325

It's one of the early ones made in Japan, not Korea or wherever. The headstock was modeled after a Samurai sword tip. If you like Strats, this one beats them at their own game. For real. It's also got a really slender, very fast neck. Way back, I had a '78 Strat when I got this. This did everything it did and more so I sold the Strat off. I kept the better guitar but made a bad investment decision. Anyway, I'm poor now and am playing much fatter sounding guitars these days so I'm selling.

Note: There's a ding in back of the cable jack (see picture.) It not noticeble unless you hold the guitar upside down.

I may consider trades for the above items but it'll be a hard sell; I'm strapped right now. Don't be shy; make an offer. I would consider a digital multi-track recorder and some cash....