For starters, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place. Delete it if it is, let me know, I'm new here.

Call me old fashioned, but I suck at learning via the internet. I'm nearly 18, and I've recently made the decision as to what course I'm studying at university. I had to choose between Music Technology + Instrument Technology. I chose MT, and I'm beyond excited about it. However, I'm gutted that I wont have professional lecturers to teach me A-Z about Guitars, amps, pick ups, valves - all those interesting topics - So what I'm trying to find out is...


Does anyone here know good places/Books/Websites/Magazines/People which can teach me everything I'd like to know. Basics -> Advanced; How Valves/Tubes actually work -> How different types of wood affects the sound of a guitar. Everything, I want to know it all

I figure people on here know just as much as university lecturers, so if you have any shape/form of help you can offer me, please let me know. - And hey, I might be able to teach you a thing or too about Recording Studio stuff (Atleast I can try).

So to summarise


Can you help me learn about Guitar + Amp technology.


I always wondered why somebody would go to school for music... it would kill the love for me.

Then again, I am a different breed all together.

I recommend just spending more time on the internet. I'm on here like all the time, and have learned SO MUCH!
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With music technology, I need to learn how to use all the programmes inside and out etc, as I want to work in a recording studio for a job. But I can see where you'd coming from :p

But yeah, I plan on it, I had an old account on here, and I learnt a lot in the small amount of time I spent on here.

But as I say, I suck on the internet, I wouldn't know where to look to find good information on the net.
google.com has everything you need to know!
"If you're looking for me,
you better check under the sea,
because that's where you'll find me..."

Hooray internets!
"If you're looking for me,
you better check under the sea,
because that's where you'll find me..."
I guess I wasn't specific enough when I said websites.. I mean more specific than google haha.

What about magazines or books.
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The thing is, there aren't a lot of components. It's all transistors laid out on a silicon wafer for the most part. These can be of different quality, I guess, but the technology is next to perfected, now, for stuff that's not on a really tiny channel length. So you should be fine.

He answered a question I asked. Hooray.

It seems that all op-amps are the same. That's what everyone is saying. I'll stop looking around for better ones now.
"If you're looking for me,
you better check under the sea,
because that's where you'll find me..."
If you want to learn about specific things, sometimes you have to ask specific questions.
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First pick a topic you want to learn more about. Then look through the stickies. They're like the best FAQ answer sheets you'll likely ever see. There is one "Banned threads and a list of Good Ones" that you should probably start with. Its got more than I can remember.

If you have questions beyond the stickies, start a new thread and reference the sticky so that people know you've done some homework (they usually appreciate that) and ask your questions. If you've got multiple questions in one thread, number them in a list so that the thread stays organized. It'll be easier for you and for the people trying to help out. A lot of people will number their answers to correspond with the number of the question.

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There is a smart phone app as well. It has all the issues back to 2010 I think. There that some really awesome sections that are hugely helpful. Great all around.

The more time you spend on the internet, the easier it will get. If you're only 18, you've got plenty of time to get acquainted.

Good luck!

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Thanks very much dude! That's exactly what I needed

Don't get me wrong, I'm on the net all the time, just have no knack for finding information.

Is that premierguitar magazine available in UK.
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i think you can download the old rca tube manuals online. that's a pretty good place for finding out how valves work.

heck just look up wikipedia. it's pretty good for technical stuff.
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I have a free digital subscription to PG mag. Unless they've changed something, when you go to the web site a pop up comes up on the home screen and asks if you want to subscribe to the free online version or pay for mailed mags. The smart phone app is now paid... found that out today, didn't look, don't think it costs much...

Its no problem at all, it's what these forums are all about! Free sharing of information, ideas and community problem solving!

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i've gotten a number of books on the subject, from guitar building and design to sound engineering. plenty of free stuff online.

the 'guitar building and customization' forum would have a bit more knowledgeable people on this topic. i am personally more into amps and speakers, but here are a few links i like.





guitar electronics for musicians

Guitar Pickups Amps Effects Tutorial - Getting Great Guitar Sounds
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