ok, i have an ht-40, tried tube swaps, speaker changes, eq's....i hate that effin amp, its soo sterile and just blah!!! so what amp do I want in the same price range, can be new or used doesnt matter. dont really want head/cab would preffer a combo but....i play everything from 80's hair to papa roach type stuff some metallica...so its hard to say what tone im looking for but def hard rockish if that makes any sense. i just cant take that sterile harsh blackstar tone anymore...the louder u crank it the worse it sounds.
1: What is your budget?

2: Do you want another combo, or do you want a head and cab?

3: Are you willing to buy used gear?
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i put that in op, same price range/new or used and preffer combo but not completely against head/cab
hmmm thats the first time I heard something like that about a ht40,

our local guitar store has one and I have a ht20 at my dorm and I really can't complain about it

could you point out what this "harsh sterile tone" is?

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well its hard to described tone, all i can say its got no personality to it, sounds fake maybe even ss'ish, my point being i cant get that "sound in my head" from it, now i cant get that sound out of my head... i talked to dave at avatar told him what i had/what i wanted he recomended a k-100, put that in and honestly i think its worse. i just hate it and want to try something more versatile. im using a jackson dk2m with it btw...
You are trying to use maple fingerboard with Blackstar? I just found the problem.
r u serious...u no i was wondering about that but not sure y lol, can I ask y u say that? Im soo close at pulling the trigger on a schecter c1
Quote by cemges
You are trying to use maple fingerboard with Blackstar? I just found the problem.

What a stupid statement...

Anyway, OP, what kinda power do you need?
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None of Blackstar amps I used on studios seemed to have a good tone with maple fingerboard guitars on drive tones. Yet it works well with my guitar, my friends' dk2m either and fender strat American both did have a problem with it. And no one using a guitar with maple fretboard I know( my guitar teacher and etc. ) seemed to get the right tones from it. Maybe it's that little isf stuff can't go along with all guitars.
Jet City is worth looking into - full tube, and it can nail those 80's hair metal tones pretty easily. Won't set you back a fortune, cranked it'll go to that Papa Roach/modern hard rock pretty well, and probably even Metallica too.
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i see a lot of jetcity for sale and most wanna trade for 5150/orange...need to see what GC has to demo i guess
Maple finger boards are silent tone killers.
what's your budget?
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