Is a Les Paul Epiphone very different from a G400?

I am enjoying playing blues style music and have a Squier Strat CV60 and am wondering if the Les Paul sounds much different than the G400?
i think you need to just try the G400 and the Les Paul and see which you find more comfortable to play - the difference in playing comfort outweighs the difference in tone, some people love les pauls for whatever reasons and some people will hate them for the same reasons - the same goes for SGs.

in short, go and play some SGs, go and play some les pauls, and decide which you like better.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
they do sound different, though there are some similarities. the les paul is a little beefier and has a tad more "snap" to the tone, probably due to the maple cap. they're similar, but there are some very obvious differences when you play them

they also have different playing ergonomics because of the body shape and neck joint. if you can, try them. I love LP's, but cannot play SG's. you may be the same, you may be different.