I'm going to school in the fall for guitar, and I was wondering if anyone knew about
any tube amps that are lightweight (carrying around campus), and powerful (enough to hear over a drumset).

I was thinking about the Marshall Class 5 combo.

Anyone got any ideas?

Orange tiny terror combo, fender blues junior. You didn't mention a budget, if you've got the cash, look into Sheldon Amplification, the TT3 is just what you are looking for.

EDIT: seen the budget, forget Sheldon :') would help to know what style of music you want to play?
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I'll be doing jazz ensembles, and what not. If I need some more crunch, i can always pick up a pedal.
Well you're going to need some decent cleans then, eh? I always wanted to try a Roland JC-55 for such a thing as busking. Apparently, it's a HUGE sounding 2x8". They would be very tight and crisp, good for jazz.
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Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18. You can get really nice sparkly cleans on it and a fair amount of gain. Also, you can plug it directly in to the PA without a cab so there's no need to carry a cab around.