I was thinking of buying new pickups for my ESP MH100-QM, to improve the sound quality (mainly for distortion). However, I do not really have the money for a decent amp, I also just purchased a Line 6 Spider IV 30 recently (doesn't give the best sound so I want to get the most out of it) so it would be stupid to go out and buy a new amp anyway.

I was thinking of getting either the EMG 81 and 85 combination or the 81 and 60 combination. I just have a couple of questions; 1. Would this investment actually make a difference to the sound quality? (I play stuff like Metallica and other metal) and 2. If they would make a difference, what's the best combination? (This question is in your opinion)
Unfortunately, Spiders are infamous for making all pickups sound similar. Save your money for a new amp
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I've never understood why emgs get put down so bad but most the biggest guitarists in the metal world use emgs, metallica,zakk wylde, slipknot to name just a very small amount.
I like EMG's, alot. however, simply throwing EMG's into your guitar will not turn it into a metal beast. EMG's work best if you really understand how they work, and more importantly, how your amp works. you really do need a strong knowledge of how EQ's and gain stages work to get the most out of EMG's.

also, EMG's absolutely suck with cheaper solid state amps. the amps simply do not have the capacity to handle and control the pickups.

therefore, my advice to you would be to save up. your amp is okay, but definitely could be better, and the guitar will need replacing at some time. save your money by not doing mods, and make big upgrades when you can. you'll get alot more tone for your buck that way. little upgrades and mods work best when you have good gear and only small shortcomings.
Active/High output pick ups work well with tube amps, because they push the tubes

you do NOT want to push solid state amps

If you want actives go with blackouts, they're like EMGS without the suck
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I also just purchased a Line 6 Spider IV 30 recently

There is nothing you can do to your guitar to make your rig sound better until this is fixed. It's Commandment #1
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