I have a valveking 212 and a jet city 50 w head through a Mesa 412 right now. I'm selling one. I like the jet city wayyyy more. Just wondering what others thought. And I'm bored as hell at work right now w nothing else to do lol.
Valveking is one of the worst valve amps, JC is miles ahead of VK.
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I'd have to go with the Jet City too. I've honestly never really been a fan of any of the Peaveys I've played(the 6505's not bad for modern metal, I suppose, but it's not really my thing for whatever reason, and the Butcher's nice but I wouldn't pay $1000 for it. Never liked the Vypyr, the VK, some white combo I tried that had so much gain the high notes broke up if you turned the gain past 6 or the 6534 I played), but I have a JCA100 head, and the overdrive channel's a LIIIITTLE bassy for me, but otherwise it's perfect for me, wonderful classic rock/80s metal tones!
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while I definitely like the valveking, its not in the same league as your jet city. the vavleking is excellent as a first "real" amp, and definitely better than most modelling amps, but it can't really hold pace with a better tube amp. the jet city is simply above the peavey by a performance bracket or two.

anyways, I think you answered your own question when you said that you like the jc better...