Hey all!
I am a beginner and also new in this forum so I really don't know if a thread like this one has ever been posted before, please excuse if I'm repeating the same old crap...

I realy like these LP guitars and would like your opinion on which one to buy.
I've tested them both and liked their sound but don't know which is "better" made. I've noticed a slight difference at the neck (neck and body are one piece in Epi so I guess that makes it less solid)

thanx in advance guys!
Epiphone easily.

120 sucks, the fretwork on them is god awefull, tested a few of them and they all had shoddy fretwork. Made my First Act play like a Fender Custom Shop by comparison.
LP Standard. Screw the Studio.
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Both would serve you well. I've had a much different experience with Ibanez guitars than DarkD... every one I've ever owned (several... have two now) and played (lots) is top notch construction and a great value. Get the one that speaks to you.