I have a 100W Randall RM100 with a parallel loop and a series loop for pedals.

Here's how everything's hooked up:
I've got a 1/4-inch going from the send of the amp to the input of the pedal, then two short 1/4-inches connecting the the 3 pedals together, and one more 1/4-inch coming from the output of the pedals and into the return of the amp. That's the pedals.
The two longer 1/4-inches are coming from the Send in the loop and then coming back to the Return. I've tried both the parallel loop and series loop, and here's where the problems arise.

Series: the sound is there and the effects are working, but it is so quiet that I have to turn the master volume up to FULL for ANY sound to be produced.

Parallel: the amp is nice and loud, however it doesn't register that there are pedal attached to it at all. The effects do nothing (even though the effects volume on the amp is turned up to full).

So I have no idea what to do from there. Please help?
You're running a Dime Wah, Digitech Whammy, and what was your other pedal?
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I'm having a similar problem except my effects sound distorted even when they're on the clean channel.

I hope this gets answered.

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GibsonMan321: My amp used to do that actually, but now it does this instead.
I'm not familiar with the RM100... maybe you have a bad connection somewhere in the loop circuitry?

Anyway... paging Matrixclaw and Cathbard!
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