Can anyone please help me by correcting the intro from the tab found on this page:


It was posted by rivalsummers but I am not convinced it was the real rival summers.

Anyways there seems to be additional notes missing from the intro. Any help would be appreciated as I have been trying to figure it out for the past week or so. I really love this song and just want to get it right.

I listened to it while following the tab, then played it with the song, and the intro is correct. Maybe you are not playing it right.
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At the start with:

It sounds like he plucks another note after this before the full chord is played?

Above would be 4 notes but when I listen I can hear 5 before the full chord.
He must be playing the full chord on the 5th and 6th notes I am hearing. I was sure the 5th one was a single note and not a full chord.

open , hammer, open, hammer , full, full

Sorry if I sounding like a noob, I just want to get it right.
He is picking the root note and sometimes the fifth of the chord, like this:

but since the root note is one of the chord note, he noted the full chord. It would go like this:
1st note: D+A (fifth)
2nd note: G
3rd note: D+A (fifth)
4th note: A+E (fifth)
5th note: B
6th note: G
7th note: D+A (fifth)
8th note: A+E (fifth)
9th note: G

This is literally how it is played, it can't be more accurate than it is now. Peace!
Ayy there
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