Okay, so I'm in a group called The Pipes right now. Though I like the name, it's hard to search for it online, and there's a small canadian group that was called that I believe, though nobody would know that.
The second name I've had in mind is Trap Sunday. It's unique, but I don't know if I quite love it. It'd sure as hell be easy to look up, and no one would steal it. Haha.

Here's my demos, in case the music would help decide.

My Music

So guys! Help out. Should it be The Pipes or Trap Sunday? Any input help. Thanks!
trap pipes
But I won't let you sit by
So call in the kids
Alone, you can't make amends
Now I won't let you sit by
But so call in the kids
Now that's enough with this f*cking incense

Interpol - Mammoth
Pipe trap.

EDIT: dammit, lube king!
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