I've got a cheap Daphon DF2210 wah-wah kicking around, and as I want to get into modding pedals I thought this would be a good starter. Anyone got any ideas for this? I've never done any mods or any electronics works, but my dad does a lot of soldering so he could do it for me no problem if I find out what needs modding. From what I can read inside theres: 2.2uF, 100uF, 224J x2, 103J x2. Not sure if any of that matters. Here's a shot of the inside (sorry for the terrible pic quality, my camera's not with me at the moment).

A little more skill than simple soldering is needed, do you know what you're currently looking at?
^ This, and tbh, a wah probably isn't the best place to start. You would be better off with an overdrive pedal of some sort.
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Opening up a pedal and looking at the insides for the first time without having absolutely any clue what it is you're looking at isn't really the pre-requisite to then decide you want to take up pedal modding or design.

If you're serious about getting into electronics modding, you're best off getting an entry level electronics book (start off with simple audio electronics) and learning what basic components do (resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, etc), then apply that to learning how different combinations of those components can form audio circuits that perform different functions.

Then adapt that to learn simple schematic diagrams and deciphering each 'block' or 'stage' of the diagram related to what you have learned.

Then get into small battery operated kits and learn the practicalities that way, including how to solder correctly (very important).

This is even before you even consider pulling any pedals apart, because theres a good chance you will stuff them up without having done any background work at all.
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